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More outdoor photos

Here are some more nature photos that Rachel and I took:

Sheep Sorrel by Adam

Butterfly Bush by Rachel

Pine tree by Adam

Blueberry leaf by Rachel

New modified cart

We have done some of changes to our cart.

We took off the old huge back  wheels and put on  some new ones that we got from an old golf bag that had removable wheels. The cart goes a lot faster than it used to because the new wheels have much better bearings. You will probably see it in one of our future movies.

Outdoor photos

Here are some pictures that Rachel and I have taken.

Click on pictures to inlarge.

Acorn by Adam

Pumpkin by Rachel

Mushroom by Adam

Rose by Rachel

Vine covered tree by Adam

Sycamore seed by Rachel

The case of the missing cheese

This is the first movie that has all of the six sibs in it, it’s also our first movie where someone disappears,the continuity isn’t all that great because we filmed it on three days spanning two weeks,and you may also notice that I got a haircut before the last day of shooting.

I still hope you enjoy it.

Isaac bunker 2

Here is another movie:

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