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Here are some of the bloopers of “The Runner from the trenches”:
Since we did a lot more talking in this movie (compared to most of our other movies) we had a lot more slips(some accidental and some not), which is why the bloopers reel is so long(in proportion to the length of the movie).

The Runner from the trenches

This is going to be the second movie that we have made that has all of the six sibs in it, it is also the first movie that has our tree fort and hole in it (“Isaac Bunker”) .
The audio is pretty horrible because it was very windy the day that we shot most of the footage and the camera is a little bit wobbly at times because I lost the screw that hooked our camera to the tripod but I still think it is very good. It’s kind of a combination of “The case of the missing cheese” and “Isaac bunker”.
So enough talking- Here is the movie so you can see it for yourself:

More movies coming soon!

Sorry that we haven’t made any movies for such a long time.
It’s crazy to think that we “founded” SixSibs Media almost a year ago, and now it’s 2011 and we have made over a dozen (very) short films to date. We officially started SixSibs in January of 2010 (although we didn’t actually call it SixSibs until February) after that everything is history.
I am currently working on editing a movie and it will (hopefully) be online in a few days, We also have a few unedited films worth of footage that are waiting for me to edit and add visual effects.
So look forward to more (hopefully) great movies in 2011!
The Six sibs.

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