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1 Year Anniversary!!!

Today (Febuary 27) Is the day that we first created our Youtube channel 1 year ago!!

Lightsaber duel

This is our first film that actually has some (I think) realistic special effects in it, and although it could use some work, as Johns lightsaber is kind of jittery in the last ten seconds of footage and there aren’t any sound effects I still think it is still pretty cool. This is by farrrrrr our most effects heavy film, seeing as about 30 seconds of finished movie took about 8 hours to complete, versus a movie like “The rake” which took  only 1 hour to complete. The footage is almost 3 months old but I just got up the courage to try to edit it last week.
So here it is:


The Rocket car report

This is a video of Rachel riding in the “rocket car” that Luke and I made (if you’re wondering about the name we got it from “The Runner from Ravenshead”, a movie that John and I got everybody for Christmas.)

So here it is:


Sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time! I was working on a movie with some of  the kids from our church,and  so far we have got it through most of pre-production and I think it will turn out well. We also  got over a foot of snow and have had a lot of fun sledding and throwing snowballs. We are planning more movies, and I want to try to make a much longer higher quality movie some time this year.

So please keep watching our movies and waiting for updates!


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