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Our YouTube channel now has over 1,000 views!
Thanks for watching our movies.


Hello all!
It rained a lot yesterday so we probably won’t be able to do any outside movie work for a few days, until then we will keep revising the script, doing school-work and playing 4-square in the garage.

John the Detective 1 Bloopers

Here are (some) of the bloopers of JTD 1:

JTD 2 Update

We finished building the prison yesterday (if you will look in the pictures that I posted yesterday you’ll notice that our “sleeping quarters” didn’t have much of a roof and there wasn’t anything keeping the “prisoners” from escaping).
(From now on I will be referring to “John the Detective 2″ as “JTD 2″ most of the time).
Thanks for reading,

Set Shots

Here are some pictures of the (unfinished) prison that we are going to use in “John the Detective 2″
The lighting isn’t very good but I hope you’ll be able to get an idea of what it will look like.

John the Detective 1 Extended Edition

The longer version of “John the Detective 1″ has just finished uploading!

I hope you enjoy the different ending.

Extended Edition

I am now uploading the Extended edition of “John the Detective”!
I hope you will enjoy it!

John the Detective 2!

We are currently working on building sets for John the Detective 2! At the moment it looks like it will be our longest movie yet.
I am also working on re-editing John the Detective 1 since there was quite a bit of left over footage that I either didn’t use or couldn’t use┬ábecause my VFX skills weren’t quite up to snuff.


I am Uploading “Army Men” so hopefully you will be able to watch it in a couple hours!

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