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Coruscant render

One of the opening shots of our Star Wars movie will be a shot of Coruscant at night. I’ve been working on building it for quite a while, and have scrapped several versions of it, but I think I’ve finally gotten onto something.

The big black things in the picture are untextured buildings, and the smaller, textured ones were automatically made by the Suicidator City Generator plug-in for Blender. It’s not done, but it’s getting there!

Ollie’s Organic Amazing Oatmeal

This video didn’t have any script at all. We were just having oatmeal (with raisins) :~} for breakfast, and I was just goofing with Isaac and said some of the¬†advertisement, and Isaac said, “Hey, we should make that into a movie!”. And so we did. I made the whole thing up as I went, including the name. Enjoy!

Star Wars Props

The past few weeks I have been concentrating my efforts on props for our movie. So far I have made about half of the weapons we’ll need for the movie, out of things such as 2×4′s, PVC pipe, old scooter frames, and other bits and pieces of “cool” junk. I’ve also started working on some leather pieces for costumes, but I’ll post pictures of them later, when I have more things completed.
Here’s a lightsaber handle that was made out of an old scooter steering post:

And here are some “blasters” I made out of PVC pipe and ¬†2×4′s:









They’re not all that impressive, but they’re a start!

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