I was able to bake several batches of flatbread yesterday morning. My mom found the recipe in a cookbook called  ”The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast” by Kristen Feola . The  entire book is wrapped around a 21 day “fast” from all types of meat, dairy,eggs,yeast,and sweeteners  so it not only has lots of good recipes in it but it also includes 21 daily devotionals that you can read every day that you do the fast. We (my mom, Rachel and I) have done the fast twice but we use the recipes from the cookbook almost daily. The cookbook is named after the fast that Daniel and his three friends went on in Daniel 1:11-16. (I didn’t really mean this to be a book review but while I’m at it I’ll say that “The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast” deserves 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion). We were also able to have some leftover hummus to go with our flatbread (another Daniel fast recipe!) It was all very good (in my opinion) and the recipes are both available at UltimateDanielFast.com under appetizers and the entire cookbook is available at Amazon.com.  I included a picture of my Hummus and Flatbread to show you just how delicious and wonderful they look together:
I multiplied her recipe by 3 and it made exactly 12 pans of flatbread (rolled very,very thin).

(The recipe and the picture).