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Army Men

Sorry I haven’t given any updates but “Army Men” should be done soon.

“Army Men” Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from “Army Men”:

VFX done!

I’ve finally gotten the visual effects for “Army Men” finished! Now all that’s left is to record all of the dialogue and ¬†we’ll be done! Thanks for reading our blog,


Production done!

I was able to finish shooting all of the pictures for the stop motion movie yesterday! Luckily it warmed up during the morning and early afternoon so that the snow was almost completely gone by the time we were able to go outside, so hopefully I’ll be done with the post-production in a few days and the movie will be made public to the world!


Stop-motion movie

I have been trying to do some filming for our army figure movie, but it just hasn’t worked out! First it rained, then we left for two days, and now it’s snowing! I’m trying to do as much of the post-production as I can (although it’s kind of hard to do visual effects for a scene that you haven’t shot yet). I’ll try to keep you posted on any further developments.


4404 Army Men

That’s right! 4404 Army Men (I only took a picture of 6 and then multiplied them). We are planning on doing a stop motion Army Figure video, and since we don’t happen to own such a huge number of Army Men I decided to go the cheapskate’s route and just duplicate them on the computer.
You can click on the picture to get a full screen view of the massive army.

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