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Rachel’s biography

“The only actress of SixSibs Media”.
by Adam and Luke
Rachel was born many,many moons ago(119 to be exact) in a city in Missouri,and for the first few years of her life she lived in a small house with a little yard, but at the tender age of 4 her family packed there bags and headed to the country where there was much more room for Rachel and her brothers to play. Rachel and her brothers went on all sorts of adventures and built all sorts of things, including several go-carts a tree fort and a little town called “Boot hill” (they later tore down some of the town to build the tree fort). About 8 months ago Rachel and her 5 brothers made a movie company called “SixSibs media”. Since then they have become world famous,made millions of dollars ( not quite) and have made more than a dozen short films. Rachel is the only girl in SixSibs Media group and she usually plays the role of the “Lady in distress”(although she has also played a detective,a stunt driver and a normal girl). She also enjoys contributing to our bloopers reels. You can see Rachel acting in lots of the movies that SixSibs has made.


Luke’s biography

“The father of SixSibs Media”.
by Rachel
Luke grew up in the city,and even as a young boy he loved romping and playing,but unfortunately the house that he first lived in only had a 1/3 of an acre lot and it did not have very much room for Him to play. But when he was six years old he moved to the house that he lives in now,which had a much bigger yard and lots of trees and woods. Back then no one would have guessed that this country boy would go on to become one of the greatest,if not the greatest president that SixSibs Media has ever had. Luke is now 12 years old and as energetic as ever (although he is aging fast). You can see him in many of the movies that SixSibs has made.


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