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Rube Goldberg machine bloopers

Ok, I must admit that I didn’t get every detail of my machine right the first time! (Or the second, or the third, or the fourth, or the…)

The Highwaymen-bloopers reel

Here are the bloopers of “The Highwaymen”. Some of them are purposeful, some are funny, and some are there because someone didn’t get out of frame when they should have. Enjoy!

John the Detective 1 Bloopers

Here are (some) of the bloopers of JTD 1:


Here are some of the bloopers of “The Runner from the trenches”:
Since we did a lot more talking in this movie (compared to most of our other movies) we had a lot more slips(some accidental and some not), which is why the bloopers reel is so long(in proportion to the length of the movie).

Spy movie #1 bloopers

Here are the bloopers of spy movie #1:
As you may have guessed we are working on spy movie #2

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