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What Really Happens When Mom and Dad Leave

Our Mom and Dad generally go on a date every Friday. While they were gone last Friday, we filmed a movie about what “really” happens while they’re gone.
When they left yesterday, we texted them the link while they were out.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it, and our parents enjoyed watching it!

P.S. If you’re wondering why Luke isn’t in the movie, the answer is simple. He is too upstanding to lie, and too scared of Rachel to tell the truth.

The Restaurant

Our dad is reading us The Hobbit every night before we go to bed, and it inspired us to make this movie, since The Hobbit has two different unexpected visits in it, which we tried to use as the basis for this video’s storyline.

We were on a vacation to Florida when we filmed it, which explains the dramatic change in scenery from our house. (There aren’t very many palm trees where we live!) We shot it in the rental house we were staying in, and  this is our first movie to be  shot “on location”!

I didn’t bring a tripod on our vacation, so all of the shots where the camera was still were shot by propping my camera on stools, tables, books, and other such things. Even the moving camera shots turned out pretty good, since my D3100 is so much bigger than the cameras we’ve used to film most of our previous videos. Its weight and size make it much less likely to jolt all over the place when its being moved. Several of the static shots were also shot without support, such as the three outdoor shots, but they turned out very smooth since the camera is much easier to hold still. My 18-55 mm VR lens (the one I used to shoot this video) has vibration reduction, which really helps as well.

I hope you enjoy our latest video!


30 Day Superfit Training Program

Paul is at the stage where Isaac was at the beginning of our moviemaking careers- he is, as our Mom would say, “cute”. (Just please don’t tell him that I said that!)

He enjoys having fun, especially when people applaud him for having fun, so that’s one of biggest reasons he likes to be in our movies (besides the fact that he gets cheese after he’s done acting!)

I hope you enjoy our latest video! I might post a tutorial on how I attached the weights to Paul’s “weightlifting bar” soon!

Pool Opener 3000

Enjoy! Rachel and I filmed this video almost a month ago, and I just forgot to make it public.

Rube Goldberg Machine 2.0

Several months ago, I made a large Rube Goldberg machine, and filmed it. Doing it was so much fun, that I decided to make another one. This one is slightly smaller, but, unlike my last Rube Goldberg device, which often used the same parts in different shots, this one could theoretically work (“Theoretically” being the key word!).

I still filmed it in multiple sections though, because I didn’t have the patience to set everything up over and over again because one small section of my machine had malfunctioned. I still ended up having to though, due to wind and faulty construction, so the raw footage for this movie amounted to over 18 minutes!

Our Entry to the BlimeyCow 72 Hour Film Festival

Yesterday morning Rachel and I saw that BlimeyCow was hosting a 72 hour film festival (although, as you can see, it only took us about 36 hours to get our video completed). We decided to enter it, and immediately wrote a script that fit into the guidelines that were on their Tumblr page. We filmed almost all of it on Friday, choosing  Silent Film as our genre (I shot down Rachel’s idea of choosing a romantic comedy as soon as she saw that it was a genre that you could choose), a piece of fruit and a stack of books as our objects, and using the phrase “This is going to be messy”. We also had to include someone shaking hands, so we did. Filming a silent film was so much easier to do than many of the other “talkies” that we’ve done in the past, since we didn’t have to tell everyone to be quiet (If you listen closely to our other movies, there’s always at least a little bit of unwanted background noise) and I could edit the clips together without any worries as to whether the sound matched or not.

This may be the best movie we’ve done yet, since, to our Mom’s delight, we spent over an hour cleaning the house in preparation for filming, and we removed any  unnecessary objects from the shots we filmed. We also had to remove any unnecessary clips, since we shot well over 20 minutes of raw footage, and needed to end up with a movie that was under 4 minutes, including intro titles and ending credits.  But probably the main reason that this movie is any  good is because my Mom was in it. She’s a great actress (and an awesome comedian, but I won’t put together her bloopers reel since I want to be able to keep making more videos) and an even greater Mom, and it was a great pleasure to have her in our movie!

My sister and I had a lot of fun filming this movie, and we hope that you have 1/8 as much fun watching it as we did making it! Enjoy!

Exercise video

This afternoon Rachel, Isaac, and I worked on filming this movie. It was a lot of fun to do, as there wasn’t really any restraints as to what we could or couldn’t do, and as to whether what we were doing would fit into the rest of the movie continuity-wise. The lighting also turned out pretty nice, since the whole time we filmed, there were clouds overhead. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Isaac can’t really do one-handed pull up’s. I was pushing him up and down off screen =)

Ollie’s Organic Amazing Oatmeal

This video didn’t have any script at all. We were just having oatmeal (with raisins) :~} for breakfast, and I was just goofing with Isaac and said some of the advertisement, and Isaac said, “Hey, we should make that into a movie!”. And so we did. I made the whole thing up as I went, including the name. Enjoy!

The Thing in the Grass

So here is our latest movie! I know it’s only been two days since we posted our last one, but since it is summer and school’s out, we have a lot more free time, which means we can make a lot more awesome (?) movies for you. It has a lot of the same storyline as Isaac and his Lightsaber (A.K.A. bat), but  with a twist. Making this movie was very fun, but it was also very, very, very itchy, as we all had to walk through that (to me) hip deep grass. I got the worst of it, since Luke, John, and Isaac also dragged me through it with my feet tied to a rope. It itched, but it was worth it! Enough complaining– here’s the movie:

Everybody Likes Cheese!

As all of those who have read our blog for a while know, we like cheese. This will be our second movie totally dedicated to it, and here’s how it started: We were sitting around with nothing to do this morning, and Rachel suggested that we make a short movie. I agreed, Rachel wrote a script, and we filmed it. The chroma-keying of the last shot was somewhat crazy, as all of the people that were in it were either wearing green or blue. That meant I had to switch my set-up around a few times, but it all worked out in the end. I hope it didn’t look too cheesy!

Isaac and his lightsaber (A.K.A. bat)

Isaac, Paul and I did some filming a few weeks ago, and I’ve spent the time in between then and now editing and adding effects to the clips that we filmed. The effects weren’t any more extensive than in the Lightsaber movie we made last year, but it was, in ways, harder to do, since Isaac jumped around a lot more than John and I did, and made it a lot more challenging to rotoscope the lightsaber without making it look as if Isaac was being cut in half by his “lightsaber”. I think that it turned out well, and I hope that you enjoy watching it!

Mom advertisement

My Mom was reading us a goofy story about how to take care of Mom’s, and I got the inspiration to create this advertisement. I hope you enjoy it! (My Mom said it was “cute” which, I think, is a compliment)

Paul the (super)hero

Here’s a totally un-staged picture of Paul:

And here’s the same picture with a little bit of editing: =)

Have no fear! Paul is here!

Paul the Hero- BTS

Paul the Hero was the most effects heavy of any of our movies. It may not have been all that obvious, but I spent more time working on it’s effects than any movie beforehand, and this behind the scenes movie explains some of the effects, and gives you a little glimpse of how the SixSibs production company gets it’s actors to work.

Paul the Hero

Here is the latest (and greatest??) movie from the six siblings. It’s our first movie that has any Christian elements whatsoever, and I think it turned out pretty good. The story line is pretty similar to The Case of the Missing Cheese, with Paul as the, well, hero, but it has a twist, and I think you’ll enjoy it!

The Lego Party

This is the second movie I’ve done that includes stop-motion animation, and also the second movie I’ve done entirely by myself. It was a challenge to try to film myself, but it was more along the lines of a good challenge than a bad one, if you know what I mean. I think it turned out a little better than Army Men, my first attempt at stop-motion, did, and I hope you enjoy this little project as much as I enjoyed making it!

The Highwaymen-bloopers reel

Here are the bloopers of “The Highwaymen”. Some of them are purposeful, some are funny, and some are there because someone didn’t get out of frame when they should have. Enjoy!

The Highwaymen

Here is yet another wonderful movie that SixSibs Media Group has made. It’s the first movie we’ve ever made that includes people other than our family. Unfortunately, the Reid’s won’t be in many more movies, as they were only living by us temporarily. It isn’t all that great of a movie, as we basically decided that making a movie would be a good idea, whipped out a camera, and started filming, but, I guess that’s kinda how we do most of our movies anyway!
So, talking aside, here is our latest movie,”The Highwaymen”.

John the Detective 2

I know it’s not exactly summer anymore, and our promised release date is several months behind “schedule”, but we finally have finished “John the Detective 2″. The continuity isn’t all that great, since we filmed it over several days and during those several days the temperature swung from under 20 to almost 50, but even still, I think you’ll like it.

Robot Man

Beware of the robot man, for you never know who he will strike next! (and being struck by an empty Wal-Mart bag is bound to leave a mark!)

Chocolate Pudding

Rachel and I made a batch of chocolate pudding yesterday

But that’s not the funny part.

Not wanting to be outdone, Paul and Isaac also decided to make “pudding”- in a much less contained, clean (and boring) way!

Oh the joy of being 3 or 6!

John’s Debut

I said we’d be posting more videos and while this one might not be all that informative I promise it’ll be entertaining!
I hope you enjoy it!

John the Detective 1 Extended Edition

The longer version of “John the Detective 1″ has just finished uploading!

I hope you enjoy the different ending.

The Rocket car report

This is a video of Rachel riding in the “rocket car” that Luke and I made (if you’re wondering about the name we got it from “The Runner from Ravenshead”, a movie that John and I got everybody for Christmas.)

So here it is:

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