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Isaac and his lightsaber (A.K.A. bat)

Isaac, Paul and I did some filming a few weeks ago, and I’ve spent the time in between then and now editing and adding effects to the clips that we filmed. The effects weren’t any more extensive than in the Lightsaber movie we made last year, but it was, in ways, harder to do, since Isaac jumped around a lot more than John and I did, and made it a lot more challenging to rotoscope the lightsaber without making it look as if Isaac was being cut in half by his “lightsaber”. I think that it turned out well, and I hope that you enjoy watching it!

Effects test

This is an effects test that I filmed a little while ago. There isn’t really any plot, other than me, Isaac, and Jared Reid blasting away at each other with PVC pipe and rubber balls. This movie is second only to “Lightsaber Duel” in the amount of post production timme spent on it, and I hope you see a little bit of improvement in the VFX compared to our very early movies.
Enjoy the show!

The Highwaymen

Here is yet another wonderful movie that SixSibs Media Group has made. It’s the first movie we’ve ever made that includes people other than our family. Unfortunately, the Reid’s won’t be in many more movies, as they were only living by us temporarily. It isn’t all that great of a movie, as we basically decided that making a movie would be a good idea, whipped out a camera, and started filming, but, I guess that’s kinda how we do most of our movies anyway!
So, talking aside, here is our latest movie,”The Highwaymen”.

John the Detective 2

I know it’s not exactly summer anymore, and our promised release date is several months behind “schedule”, but we finally have finished “John the Detective 2″. The continuity isn’t all that great, since we filmed it over several days and during those several days the temperature swung from under 20 to almost 50, but even still, I think you’ll like it.

John the Detective 1 Extended Edition

The longer version of “John the Detective 1″ has just finished uploading!

I hope you enjoy the different ending.

4404 Army Men

That’s right! 4404 Army Men (I only took a picture of 6 and then multiplied them). We are planning on doing a stop motion Army Figure video, and since we don’t happen to own such a huge number of Army Men I decided to go the cheapskate’s route and just duplicate them on the computer.
You can click on the picture to get a full screen view of the massive army.

Lightsaber duel

This is our first film that actually has some (I think) realistic special effects in it, and although it could use some work, as Johns lightsaber is kind of jittery in the last ten seconds of footage and there aren’t any sound effects I still think it is still pretty cool. This is by farrrrrr our most effects heavy film, seeing as about 30 seconds of finished movie took about 8 hours to complete, versus a movie like “The rake” which took ¬†only 1 hour to complete. The footage is almost 3 months old but I just got up the courage to try to edit it last week.
So here it is:


The Runner from the trenches

This is going to be the second movie that we have made that has all of the six sibs in it, it is also the first movie that has our tree fort and hole in it (“Isaac Bunker”) .
The audio is pretty horrible because it was very windy the day that we shot most of the footage and the camera is a little bit wobbly at times because I lost the screw that hooked our camera to the tripod but I still think it is very good. It’s kind of a combination of “The case of the missing cheese” and “Isaac bunker”.
So enough talking- Here is the movie so you can see it for yourself:

The rake

This is our first movie that has a true “fight scene” in it, it’s not the best quality but for a movie that only took about thirty minutes to do from start to finish I think that it turned out very well.
Here it is:

Spy movie #2

Spy movie #2 is here!

Spy video #1

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time.

Here is another movie that we made:

The outdoor audio is pretty horrendous,but I still hope you like it.


Robber movie

Here is our Latest movie:

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