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GoPro in the Snow

We’ve gotten over six inches of snow in the past few days, and we’ve played in it quite a lot. I took out GoPro out with us to document the action, and got enough footage to make a pretty decent 1 minute short. Enjoy!

Southwest Trip 2013

We were recently blessed to go out west for two weeks. We visited the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Pike’s Peak, and too many other places to count. I filmed over 8 hourse of footage with my D3100 and the GoPro, but I’ll share that later, after I edit it. For now, here are 76 of the 2600 pictures I took while on the trip.


Southwest Trip Pictures

GoPro Demo Reel

We got a GoPro about 6 months ago, to film our vacation to Florida. We got lots of awesome shots, and have gotten lots since then, putting the GoPro in the sink, oven,┬árefrigerator, and too many other odd places to count. I sifted through all the footage we shot (almost 20 hours worth!), and ended up with a “best of” reel that was just over one minute long.


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