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Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Day #2

This Friday our Grandparents took us back to Wilson’s creek to see even more of the sights, sounds and smells of the civil war reenactment, Thursday night had been amazing, but it was nothing compared to the size (and noise) of Friday’s “battle”!
Children beware!
John and Rachel are playing a game called “the graces”. Girls in the 1860′s used it to exercise their arms- good luck trying to get deltoids that way!
I took this picture as the “Soldiers were marching onto the battlefield to get ready to “Fight”, except for the yellow tape, it’s amazing how non-21st century this picture looks!
This cannon was only 15 yards behind us!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures an eighth as much as I enjoyed being able to take them!

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Day #1

Yesterday we were able to go to the beginning of a 4 day sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of the battle of Wilson’s Creek. It was truly amazing, and I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pictures I took while we were there:
The reenactment didn’t begin until 45 minutes after we got there, so Rachel was able to look around in the “Sutler camp” browsing all the different tents
Pretty dresses!
The guns and swords suited John and Luke’s tastes a little more closely

The cavalry would occasionally come within 5 feet of where we were standing!
The infantry would purposefully aim high when it got into close quarters “combat”

Behind where we were standing is where all of the main actions of the skirmish were going on.
If you ever have the chance, I would highly recommend coming to a reenactment- they really make history “come alive” in a whole new way!
Have a good day,

Museums of Archaeology, Art and Anthropology Part 2

Here are the last of our Columbia Pictures:
I hope you enjoy them!

A Hopi doll

A replica of an Inuit man in full hunting gear

As Isaac said, “you wouldn’t want to meet this guy in the dark!”

An “antenna-lope”

A Byzantine crucifix

A Byzantine statue of Mary and the baby Jesus

That pretty much exhausts my collection of interesting Columbia picture! Stay tuned for some pictures from Jefferson City!

Museums of Archaeology, Art and Anthropology Part 1

This is part 2 of 3 of our Columbia pictures (part 1 of our archaeology, art and anthropology pictures) I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures 1/4 as much as I enjoyed being there! (and taking them)

Plaster replica of a Roman statue from the early first millenium

An Egyptian statue of a seated scribe

I forgot the what, where and why on this one!

Lots of examples of Greek and Hellenistic art work and pottery

More Greek pottery

Even more Greek art!

I still have quite a few interesting pictures to show you, so stay tuned for part 3 of 3!

Ellis Library

Like I said, I took a lot of pictures, so this is going to be the first third of the pictures that I took in Columbia

Woodcut by Fred Geary at the Ellis Library’s Art Museum

Another Fred Geary Woodcut (there were over 50 on special exhibit)

Steel plate used to print copies of George Caleb Bingham’s painting “Order No.11″ -the plate alone took over 3 years to complete!

A very nice worker at the Missouri State University archives showed us some interesting artifacts from the Civil War

A “cross-hatched” letter- the writing went both vertical and horizontal- this didn’t make for the easiest reading experience!

An 1864 Confederate $50 bill

The archives had a mind-boggling array of just about anything old that’s made of paper that you could possibly want- letters, wills, title deeds, books, newspapers and so much more! We only spent 30 inside and it almost felt like you could easily spend 30 years!


Today (July 3rd) is the 148th “anniversary” of the last day of the battle of Gettysburg.
As I mentioned in an earlier blog post we were able to go there about a month ago, I haven’t finished editing together all of the footage that I shot there but after I do I should be able to post a 4-6 minute “documentary” of what happened there on July 1-3 1863 (and of what we did there May 31 2011).
In the mean time stay cool, keep waiting for updates and go watch the very excellent movie “Gettysburg” (Luke, Rachel and I all enjoyed it).


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