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Giant’s Causeway

Here is a picture of the Giant’s Causeway:

It is situated off the coast of Ireland, and we were studying it in one of my TPS classes. The topic of creating one out of Lego’s came up, and I decided to try to make a model. It’s not nearly as impressive as the real thing, but it won my Mom’s “neat” award at least!

The Lego Party

This is the second movie I’ve done that includes stop-motion animation, and also the second movie I’ve done entirely by myself. It was a challenge to try to film myself, but it was more along the lines of a good challenge than a bad one, if you know what I mean. I think it turned out a little better than Army Men, my first attempt at stop-motion,┬ádid, and I hope you enjoy this little project as much as I enjoyed making it!

Lego Skateboarder Megaramp

Here is one final Lego skateboard animation. I tried to crank up the quality a little bit, and by John’s request, I gave my skater a face. Enjoy!

Lego Skateboarder falls

Even CG characters aren’t perfect skaters!

Lego Skateboarder

I like to skateboard, and I also like to do computer animation, and since my skateboarding skills aren’t all that great, I figured you’d rather watch a computer animated video of skateboarding than a live one of me. My skateboarder is Lego because modeling a semi-realistic Lego guy is a ton easier than modeling a human. I hope you enjoy it!

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