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Last day!

This is the last day that  Sonlight curriculum will match gifts given to Mission India!
To donate a gift of any amount you can click here: www.missionindia.org/mypassporttoindia/givenow


My passport to India

For the last five weeks our family has been watching a series of videos called “My passport to India”.
We have really enjoyed watching them and are going to donate some money to Mission India to help teach children about Jesus, it only takes a dollar to send a child to a bible club where they will be able to hear the gospel,many of them for the first time, and many of them for the only time, and if you donate before November 17 Sonlight curriculum will double your gift, so that means that with the matching gift it will only take 50 cents to send a child to a bible club. Think of it, 50 cents could mean the difference between eternal life or death for a child in India.
Considering the fact that there are over 1.4 billion people in India and 830 million of them are Hindus I think it will be money well spent.
To donate a gift of any amount you can click here: www.missionindia.org/mypassporttoindia/givenow

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