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Southwest Trip 2013

We were recently blessed to go out west for two weeks. We visited the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Pike’s Peak, and too many other places to count. I filmed over 8 hourse of footage with my D3100 and the GoPro, but I’ll share that later, after I edit it. For now, here are 76 of the 2600 pictures I took while on the trip.


Southwest Trip Pictures

Encounter with some squirrels

One morning before we ate breakfast, Adam noticed a squirrel sitting on our back porch, eating acorns. It was very interesting to watch it eat. It sat up on its hind legs,and held the acorn in its paws. It chewed very fast, and spit the shell out between bites. Another squirrel soon joined it, who seemed more energetic then squirrel one. Squirrel two alternated between climbing a tree and eating acorns. A few minutes later, they ran off. Then, two different squirrels appeared and they played for a while, before they scampered away as well. We haven’t seen any squirrels that close before. Squirrels are very cool and interesting animals, unless they get into your ceiling, which happened to us one time.

More outdoor photos

Here are some more nature photos that Rachel and I took:

Sheep Sorrel by Adam

Butterfly Bush by Rachel

Pine tree by Adam

Blueberry leaf by Rachel

Outdoor photos

Here are some pictures that Rachel and I have taken.

Click on pictures to inlarge.

Acorn by Adam

Pumpkin by Rachel

Mushroom by Adam

Rose by Rachel

Vine covered tree by Adam

Sycamore seed by Rachel

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