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Exercise video

This afternoon Rachel, Isaac, and I worked on filming this movie. It was a lot of fun to do, as there wasn’t really any restraints as to what we could or couldn’t do, and as to whether what we were doing would fit into the rest of the movie continuity-wise. The lighting also turned out pretty nice, since the whole time we filmed, there were clouds overhead. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Isaac can’t really do one-handed pull up’s. I was pushing him up and down off screen =)

Run to the Lights

This Friday, 11-11-11, I was able to run in the Run to the Lights at Silver Dollar City with my dad and 3 oldest siblings. We all did pretty well, and although none of us broke any records (the course we had to run was viciously steep at times), we all had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Bib Overall Place Time ChipTime First Name Age Total Pace
696 100 0:25:52 0:24:41 Adam 15 8:17/M
694 414 0:35:57 0:33:10 Rachel 10 11:31/M
695 492 0:38:12 0:35:10 Luke 13 12:15/M
693 879 0:54:51 0:51:49 John 8 17:35/M

You can see all of the results at https://www.ozarkraces.com/results/default.aspx?event=3170&r=1547

Run for Life

On October 1 all of the six sibs had the privilege of running (or in Paul’s case riding in the stroller) in the “Run for Life” 5k, for the benefit of the Pregnancy Care Center.

Our times were all (I think) pretty good: 22:26 Adam,30:35 Luke, 34:35 Rachel, 35:25 John and 48:49 Isaac, and we all had a delightful time!


This Saturday I had the privilege of running in the Cherish Kids 5k run. I didn’t win anything, but I got my best time ever by 2 minutes and 16 seconds, which was a reward in itself! My time was 23:20, placing me 7th in my age category(15-19) and 76th overall (716 people ended up crossing the finish line). I had a great time and was able to help raise money for children in need of adoption while I was doing it- what more could you ask for?


I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get around to posting this but I finally polished it up to a (hopefully) blog worthy shine and am finally going to post it.

Place Name City Bib No Age Gender Age Group Chip Time Gun Time Pace
28 Adam Heironimus Springfield MO 65 14 M 1 1-14 25:36.1 25:36.1 8:15

As some of you who have been reading our blog for a while might know, I (and parts of my family to varying degrees) really enjoy running. I was recently (if you call 1 and 1/2 months ago recently) able to run in the One Soul Purpose 5k, and I came in first in my age group! (for all of the results you can click here) I know my time isn’t going to be beating any records but it was really nice to come in first in my age group and actually be in 28th place instead of 129th or 173rd (my previous 5k placings), for coming in first in the 11-14 age group I got a gift bag with a water bottle, some “fancy” shoe laces and an Andy’s Gift card (which was funny because Andy’s is a (very good) ice cream store – it was kind of like “Here! Now that you’ve burned all of those calories running go over to Andy’s and consume four times what you burned!) The Andy’s Gift card will be (and was- I already used it to get an ice cream cone for Isaac’s 6th  Birthday) nice so that my younger sibling’s cheap old big brother will  have a cool (in more ways than one) thing to do with them on their birthday’s (just don’t tell any of them that I said that- it’s supposed to be very,very secret).

Anyway, enough rambling- I hope you stay cool, enjoy your time off from school (if your’e young enough) and have a blessed rest of the year!

P.S. For all of you people looking to get me a birthday present refurbished 21.5 inch iMac’s  are only $1,019! =)

Run to the lights

Luke, Rachel, John our Dad and I  ran the Run to the lights 5 K at Silver Dollar City on Friday, it was very fun (and exhausting). For all of the race times click here: ridgerunnersports.com

Place Name City Bib No Age Gender Age Group Chip Time Gun Time Pace
967 John Heironimus Springfield MO 792 7 M 26 0- 9 55:54.6 59:19.1 19:01/M
470 Rachel Heironimus Springfield MO 791 9 F 13 0- 9 35:15.2 38:37.6 12:23/M
463 Luke Heironimus Springfield MO 790 12 M 82 10-19 34:58.7 38:21.2 12:18/M
173 Adam Heironimus Springfield MO 789 14 M 51 10-19 26:58.8 28:40.4 9:11/M

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