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The Lego Party

This is the second movie I’ve done that includes stop-motion animation, and also the second movie I’ve done entirely by myself. It was a challenge to try to film myself, but it was more along the lines of a good challenge than a bad one, if you know what I mean. I think it turned out a little better than Army Men, my first attempt at stop-motion,┬ádid, and I hope you enjoy this little project as much as I enjoyed making it!

Effects test

This is an effects test that I filmed a little while ago. There isn’t really any plot, other than me, Isaac, and Jared Reid blasting away at each other with PVC pipe and rubber balls. This movie is second only to “Lightsaber Duel” in the amount of post production timme spent on it, and I hope you see a little bit of improvement in the VFX compared to our very early movies.
Enjoy the show!

Never attempt to fire…

An amazingly eloquent quote that we saw while on a trip to the Missouri State Capital:

The Runner from the trenches

This is going to be the second movie that we have made that has all of the six sibs in it, it is also the first movie that has our tree fort and hole in it (“Isaac Bunker”) .
The audio is pretty horrible because it was very windy the day that we shot most of the footage and the camera is a little bit wobbly at times because I lost the screw that hooked our camera to the tripod but I still think it is very good. It’s kind of a combination of “The case of the missing cheese” and “Isaac bunker”.
So enough talking- Here is the movie so you can see it for yourself:

Isaac bunker 2

Here is another movie:

Spy video #1

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time.

Here is another movie that we made:

The outdoor audio is pretty horrendous,but I still hope you like it.


Robber movie

Here is our Latest movie:

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