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30 Day Superfit Training Program

Paul is at the stage where Isaac was at the beginning of our moviemaking careers- he is, as our Mom would say, “cute”. (Just please don’t tell him that I said that!)

He enjoys having fun, especially when people applaud him for having fun, so that’s one of biggest reasons he likes to be in our movies (besides the fact that he gets cheese after he’s done acting!)

I hope you enjoy our latest video! I might post a tutorial on how I attached the weights to Paul’s “weightlifting bar” soon!

Pool Opener 3000

Enjoy! Rachel and I filmed this video almost a month ago, and I just forgot to make it public.

Ollie’s Organic Amazing Oatmeal

This video didn’t have any script at all. We were just having oatmeal (with raisins) :~} for breakfast, and I was just goofing with Isaac and said some of the¬†advertisement, and Isaac said, “Hey, we should make that into a movie!”. And so we did. I made the whole thing up as I went, including the name. Enjoy!

Mom advertisement

My Mom was reading us a goofy story about how to take care of Mom’s, and I got the inspiration to create this advertisement. I hope you enjoy it! (My Mom said it was “cute” which, I think, is a compliment)

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