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Play update

Unto the Least of These is finally over! It was a tremendous amount of fun, but I guess all good things have to come to an end. =( Since we won’t spending 15+ hours a week doing the play, we’ll have more time to work on the Star Wars movie. Stay tuned!

Play trailer

Here is a video of Unto the Least of These. Luke and I didn’t end up in it, since we’re not in any truly dramatic scene (unless you count a scene I’m in where somebody (come see the play to figure out who) “dies”, which wouldn’t really make that great of a trailer!), but my Dad is in the very first clip (he’s 6 1/2 feet tall, so he’s easy to spot) and Rachel is in the clip where the orphans run out on stage (she’s in a pink dress and pigtails). I hope you enjoy this short trailer, and I hope it makes you want to come to the Stained Glass Theatre and see more!

Stained Glass Theatre update

Ah….. Last night was opening night, and it went quite well. We had a sizable audience, and it was really fun to be able to be in a show that made people laugh, and to be able to encourage them with the amazing story of George Mueller. I know that I didn’t have a very big part, but it was still ┬áreally cool to have at least a small part in it- now we’ve only got to do 14 more shows!

Stained Glass Theatre update

Last night my Mom took Luke, Rachel, and I to Stained Glass Theatre for our play practice. I was the only one that acted, but in the past week both Luke and I have been up on stage, ┬áblocking out our movements and getting to know how we’re supposed to move around. Rachel hasn’t been able to be up on stage yet, but her time will soon come, as last night we did the scenes right before hers. Being at Stained Glass Theatre was a really neat experience, and I would highly recommend that any of you that are near Ozark, Missouri on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday between April 19 and May 19 come and see Unto the Least of These!

Stained Glass Theatre

A few months ago my family and I started going to see the shows that were being put on at the Stained Glass Theatre. The director of the play we were watching came out and talked to us for a few minutes, and that got our interest in acting sparked. When our Dad heard that their was going to be auditions for a play about George Muller, he said Rachel, Luke, and I could try out, as my Mom has recently read a book about him, and two days after the auditions we all learned that we were going to be able to be in the play! Yesterday was our first practice, and it went quite well. We’re still kind of the new around there, but that will almost definitely change, as we’ll end up being at the theatre for over 100 hours in the next two months! I’ll keep you posted (no pun intended) on the proceedings, and if you’re going through Ozark, Missouri from April 19 to May 19, come by the Theatre and check us out!

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