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Coruscant render

One of the opening shots of our Star Wars movie will be a shot of Coruscant at night. I’ve been working on building it for quite a while, and have scrapped several versions of it, but I think I’ve finally gotten onto something.

The big black things in the picture are untextured buildings, and the smaller, textured ones were automatically made by the Suicidator City Generator plug-in for Blender. It’s not done, but it’s getting there!

Star Wars Props

The past few weeks I have been concentrating my efforts on props for our movie. So far I have made about half of the weapons we’ll need for the movie, out of things such as 2×4′s, PVC pipe, old scooter frames, and other bits and pieces of “cool” junk. I’ve also started working on some leather pieces for costumes, but I’ll post pictures of them later, when I have more things completed.
Here’s a lightsaber handle that was made out of an old scooter steering post:

And here are some “blasters” I made out of PVC pipe and  2×4′s:









They’re not all that impressive, but they’re a start!

Textured Droid Overseer

Here’s a textured render of the droid that I posted about last week. It’s still not complete, but it’s getting there!

Droid Overseer

I just started working on a model for the Droid overseer this morning. It’s still pretty rough, and it isn’t textured, but I’ll keep working on it in the days to come. The proportions will stay roughly the same, but I’m going to do a lot more work on the head, which is’t that great looking at the moment, so it’ll look more like a Star Wars droid than a robot that came out of some 1930′s sci-fi movie. Stay tuned for more updates!

Star Wars audio clips

We haven’t started actually filming the Star Wars movie yet, but I’ve been able to record the audio for several of the characters that are either CG or voice-overs. Enjoy this little taste of what is to come!

Here are some lines for a droid. The voice is mine:

Prepare for our…

Here are some lines for Yoda. One of the many awesome guys that were at the theatre, Aiden Olivea, voices him:


There’s more lines for both characters, but I have to leave you with some reason to watch the full movie when it comes out!


Play update

Unto the Least of These is finally over! It was a tremendous amount of fun, but I guess all good things have to come to an end. =( Since we won’t spending 15+ hours a week doing the play, we’ll have more time to work on the Star Wars movie. Stay tuned!


Hello everybody! The pre-production of our Star Wars movie is almost done, and I thought I’d show you some test renders of the models that I’ve made to use in this movie. They are all pretty basic, and need a good chunk of work, but I hope that you get a feel of the great (?) things that are to come!



Movie coming soon! (?)

I have been working on a Star Wars movie for about a month now, and have had the script finished for about 2 weeks. Now I am just working on making the many CG models that this movie will require, and recruiting actors, as this film will require more actors than are in our family. We probably won’t start doing any actual filming until the play is over, but stay tuned for more updates!

(P.S. I said in the title of this post that a movie was coming “soon”. That might not be quite true, but a movie is coming. Whether it goes public sooner or later remains to be seen!)

Isaac and his lightsaber (A.K.A. bat)

Isaac, Paul and I did some filming a few weeks ago, and I’ve spent the time in between then and now editing and adding effects to the clips that we filmed. The effects weren’t any more extensive than in the Lightsaber movie we made last year, but it was, in ways, harder to do, since Isaac jumped around a lot more than John and I did, and made it a lot more challenging to rotoscope the lightsaber without making it look as if Isaac was being cut in half by his “lightsaber”. I think that it turned out well, and I hope that you enjoy watching it!

Lightsaber duel

This is our first film that actually has some (I think) realistic special effects in it, and although it could use some work, as Johns lightsaber is kind of jittery in the last ten seconds of footage and there aren’t any sound effects I still think it is still pretty cool. This is by farrrrrr our most effects heavy film, seeing as about 30 seconds of finished movie took about 8 hours to complete, versus a movie like “The rake” which took  only 1 hour to complete. The footage is almost 3 months old but I just got up the courage to try to edit it last week.
So here it is:


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