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I didn’t realize I was so old!

I was looking through my memorabilia bin and I found the adds page of the newspaper that was published on my birthday (thoughtfully saved by my mother) and I found this:

Yikes! Today you can get an iMac with a quad-core 2.5 GHz i5 Processor, 4 Gb of RAM,an 8x DVD drive,500 GB of storage and a 1080×1920 display- that’s almost 100 times faster with 500 times more storage and 250 times more RAM for $100 less than the 1996 computer in the picture!

New tapes!

My dad bought us 3 new miniDV tapes on Saturday (and I promptly used one of them up recording a youth recital at our church) so now I’ll have to cook up some other excuse for not starting to film! I can’t really blame the weather (although it has been windier than I would like it to be for recording audio) and I can’t blame the actors because it’s kind of hard for actors to act if they don’t have a script or someone to film them! So I guess I’ll just have to own up to the fact that it’s mainly my fault (sigh). (I forgot- I have spent about 12 hours editing the footage for our trip movie, so that gives me a pretty decent crutch (there’s nothing more maddening than having two movies in two different stages of completion going at once).
So thank you for reading and expect more great pieces of cinematic expertise to come soon!


P.S. (Our blog turned 1 on June 8 )

Jtd 2

We still haven’t started on “John the Detective 2″ yet! We have two reasons: #1(and most important) we don’t have any more tape (we burned through three mini DV tapes on our trip) and ┬ásecondly I have plenty of post-production work to do editing together said three hours of footage without throwing in another “feature” film into the mix.
So hopefully we’ll start on “JTD2″ sometime this summer (I won’t name a date because something will be sure to knock it off schedule if I do) and all of our (adoring?) fans will be able to watch it.
Thank you for reading,

John’s Debut

I said we’d be posting more videos and while this one might not be all that informative I promise it’ll be entertaining!
I hope you enjoy it!

We’re back!

We just got back from a 2 week trip to Boston,Gettysburg,Washington DC and the Creation museum we had a lot of fun and I recorded 3 hours of video – so expect some (hopefully) interesting,entertaining and informative videos to arrive on our YouTube channel soon!

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