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GoPro in the Snow

We’ve gotten over six inches of snow in the past few days, and we’ve played in it quite a lot. I took out GoPro out with us to document the action, and got enough footage to make a pretty decent 1 minute short. Enjoy!

BMX Track Preview

We’ve cobbled together ramps for bikes, scooters, and skateboards for as long as I can remember (much to the chagrin of our Mom!), and recently we’ve been building on an even bigger scale. I built a Mini-Mega Ramp for skateboarding, and this afternoon Luke and I began work on a BMX Track, incorporating the gap section of my mini-mega at the beginning of the track. We got it roughed out pretty quickly, and I took a run on it with our GoPro strapped to my helmet.
Eventually I want to make a better video of the course when its finished, and one while skating the mini-mega, too. Stay tuned!

GoPro Demo Reel

We got a GoPro about 6 months ago, to film our vacation to Florida. We got lots of awesome shots, and have gotten lots since then, putting the GoPro in the sink, oven, refrigerator, and too many other odd places to count. I sifted through all the footage we shot (almost 20 hours worth!), and ended up with a “best of” reel that was just over one minute long.


The Thing in the Grass

So here is our latest movie! I know it’s only been two days since we posted our last one, but since it is summer and school’s out, we have a lot more free time, which means we can make a lot more awesome (?) movies for you. It has a lot of the same storyline as Isaac and his Lightsaber (A.K.A. bat), but  with a twist. Making this movie was very fun, but it was also very, very, very itchy, as we all had to walk through that (to me) hip deep grass. I got the worst of it, since Luke, John, and Isaac also dragged me through it with my feet tied to a rope. It itched, but it was worth it! Enough complaining– here’s the movie:

John the Detective 2

I know it’s not exactly summer anymore, and our promised release date is several months behind “schedule”, but we finally have finished “John the Detective 2″. The continuity isn’t all that great, since we filmed it over several days and during those several days the temperature swung from under 20 to almost 50, but even still, I think you’ll like it.

John’s Debut

I said we’d be posting more videos and while this one might not be all that informative I promise it’ll be entertaining!
I hope you enjoy it!

John the Detective 1 Extended Edition

The longer version of “John the Detective 1″ has just finished uploading!

I hope you enjoy the different ending.

Lightsaber duel

This is our first film that actually has some (I think) realistic special effects in it, and although it could use some work, as Johns lightsaber is kind of jittery in the last ten seconds of footage and there aren’t any sound effects I still think it is still pretty cool. This is by farrrrrr our most effects heavy film, seeing as about 30 seconds of finished movie took about 8 hours to complete, versus a movie like “The rake” which took  only 1 hour to complete. The footage is almost 3 months old but I just got up the courage to try to edit it last week.
So here it is:


The Runner from the trenches

This is going to be the second movie that we have made that has all of the six sibs in it, it is also the first movie that has our tree fort and hole in it (“Isaac Bunker”) .
The audio is pretty horrible because it was very windy the day that we shot most of the footage and the camera is a little bit wobbly at times because I lost the screw that hooked our camera to the tripod but I still think it is very good. It’s kind of a combination of “The case of the missing cheese” and “Isaac bunker”.
So enough talking- Here is the movie so you can see it for yourself:

Stunt movies

YouTube was wrong! It didn’t take 19 hours- It took 36! But we were finally able to upload Stunt movie # 2 along with Stunt movie #1 :
Stunt movie #1:

Stunt movie #2:

Fall fun #2

Here are some more leaf pile stunts that we have done,The leaf pile that we are jumping into is a combination of leaf pile #1 and leaf pile #2 with some other random leaves that we raked up from around the yard.

The rake

This is our first movie that has a true “fight scene” in it, it’s not the best quality but for a movie that only took about thirty minutes to do from start to finish I think that it turned out very well.
Here it is:

Fall fun!

We were able to combine work and play by raking leaves!

Here is a video of us doing some stunts:

P.S. (Isaac thinks that Luke and I have some kind of  anti-gravity machine.)

Spy video #1

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time.

Here is another movie that we made:

The outdoor audio is pretty horrendous,but I still hope you like it.


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